Saturday, 29 October 2011

7 Aum Arivu

Excellent Movie with a dragging Screenplay.. Salute to Murgadoss... Great... Very Good Storyline..  Johnny Tri Nguyen, A very apt choice... Suriya, Johnny and Shruthi has done a good job.. Shruthi, Pls learn tamil and then dub for your movies.. Being the first movie, We cannot complaint much.. In the very first scence where  johnny hypnotize the police man, we can understand how powerful he is.. Its being repeated hell lot of time.. Which is just irritating.. Johnny using hypnotism just to kill surya for more than 10 minutes that too in the highway is unbelivable.. If it was avoided, Movie would have been much better.. Why we always try to commercialise the movie.. Your movie has stuff.. You dont have to add anything to commercialise it... 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Engeyum Eppothum

We could never believe that this is the first movie of the director... Just Too Good... The movie has a very good message. Screenplay was too good. Both comedy and love track was extra ordinary.. Each and every character in this film was just perfect. There are 2 love track in the movie and both are completely different and does not remind you off any old tamil movie.. I like to specially mention Anjali.. Just excellent. Director could have avoided repeated scenes, like showing  the bus again and again that it is been drove rashly in highway... But it is the main storyline.. No other complaints about the movie.. You will surely enjoy watching this movie in theatre...

Sunday, 11 September 2011


I personally enjoyed watching this movie. Jeeva was extra ordinary...The film is about a hero who is inspired by his grand father and questions or fights wherever there is an injustice... Jeeva s father role by Jayaprakash was too good... Screenplay was very fast with the essence of comedy.. Shreya has done well. Malai mangum neram song was good. It is really good entertainer movie and worth watching once. Both Jeeva ans Shreya is looking greattt together. May be the movie released in the wrong time that it was not a greattt hit.. 

Friday, 2 September 2011


Mankatha: 50th movie of Ajith... Guyssss.... If you are ultimate fan of Ajith, Just Stylish  Entertainment Ajith Movie.. If you expect a Venkat Prabhu Movie surely you will be disappointed. First half of the movie is slow, And after the interval, It is very fast.. Ajith.. No Words to say.. Good Acting Acting... And a Classic Venkat prabhu Climax.. Good Story Line.. With a Slow Screen Play in the first Half..

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


        You will surely regret watching this movie in theatre, if at all you go to watch it. I think we have watched so many movies with the same story line, nothing interesting in the screenplay either. Karthik kumar character was good and he makes you laugh in 1 or 2 scenes. And the Anti- heroine Ammaji makes you laugh in the climax…. Oh my god…. Nothing more to write. The movie is about 2 frnds, who forced to do deal with drugs. Why and what happens after that? Is the story. The best thing in the movie is 3 songs. Just awesome.

Thursday, 30 June 2011


Expected a good comeback for siddharth in tamil, but in vain…. First directorial venture from Jayendra Sarma, It has a good story line but very boring screenplay.  From the time the title starts, it’s very clear that this s from Manirathnam’s School J…. All the 3 main characters in the film, Siddharth, Priya Anad and Nithya menon has done justice to their role. The best performance is given by Balasubramaniam’s high speed camera. I loved the picturization of the songs…. All the 3 songs, Rules kidaiyadhu, nee koorinaal, sandhikadha kangalil…. Was good…..  Nothing else to talk about the movie… It is just a travel of the Hero who comes to know that he will die in 6 months. It’s about his emotions, his fear, and at last his decision. Being director’s first movie we can’t complaint much. Better luck next time. If you are not a fan of Siddharth, Priya or Nithya, You will regret watching this movie :)

Monday, 13 June 2011

New Models launched by Nokia India in 2011

Just got some time to go through the new model launched my Nokia...
Hope it will be useful for you..

Nokia X2-01

Nokia X2 is built for music lovers everywhere with its FM radio, music player and powerful speakers.

Made from premium materials, this sleek phone has a modern look and feel with its curved design and colourful accents.

Average Rate India: Rs.3599

Nokia C2-01
Get the latest news, check your emails and keep up with social networks quickly and easily with a high-speed 3G connection.

Get the latest news, check your emails and keep up with social networks quickly and easily with a high-speed 3G connection.

Take great pictures with the 3.2 MP camera – then edit them and see each detail on the clear display, or share through your social networks.

Average Rate India: Rs 4,051

Nokia C1-02

Nokia C1 is a reliable phone with easy-to-use email, internet and music features to keep you connected and entertained.

Average Rate in India: Rs 2,175

Nokia C1-01

A stylish, reliable mobile phone with a host of multimedia and messaging features and GPRS technology.

Average Rate in India: Rs 2,259
Nokia X7-00

Nokia X7 brings HD games and videos to life on the massive 4. The brushed stainless steel finish, distinctive lines and 4” touch screen come together to create something special and truly unique

Average Rate in India: Rs 2,259

Nokia E6

Nokia E6 combines a touch screen with a QWERTY, Microsoft mobile apps, free GPS navigation and real-time emails – all in an ultra compact smartphone. Everything looks incredibly sharp on the full touch screen - plus you get a real QWERTY and a battery offering unbeatable power.Average Rate i

Nokia E7

A beautiful, innovative design with everything you need to keep your work and personal lives in sync.

Real-time push emails with Mail for Exchange.

Easy access to your work and private email accounts from the same view.

Create, edit and share office docs and view PDF files with Adobe Reader.

Get fast, secure intranet access with the built-in VPN connection.Easily set up your calendar and sync it with Microsoft Outlook.

Average Rate in India: 26,999

Nokia C3-01

The Nokia C3 Touch and Type feels as good as it looks with its compact, sleek design and high-quality stainless steel casing.

Flip through photos or browse web pages on the touch screen and type using the keypad for easy messaging – all with one hand.
Average Rate in India: Rs 8,613

Nokia C6-01

Keep in touch with friends on this beautifully compact touch-screen smartphone.

· Keep up with your social networks

· Share your photos with friends

· Setup your Email

· Update your device’s software

· Navigate to destination

Average Rate in India: Rs 14,299

Nokia C2-01

Stay connected wherever you happen to be with fast 3G internet access.

Get the latest news, check your emails and keep up with social networks quickly and easily with a high-speed 3G connection

Average Rate in India: 4,051

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Actually Sayang means Love.... Love.... Its Life... Wat ever we do... Love is the one thing which drives us... Most of us around us consider Love only when a guy or girl have it on either of us....But LOVE..... Love is in there ever where... Your work, Your Passion, In all the things you do... Just Love everything around you ... And then, that is the real meaning of living....Nothing matters in life other than Love.... Love towards people around you.. Love in what you do... Love in everything... Keep Loving... Keep Smiling... And you will be loved by everyone when you make others smile... So always Make People around you happy.... After all that is the reason we are born as Human.... Just help people as much as possible... Enjoy Life.... ENJOY THIS MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE..... then you will be always happy... 

Nokia C5

This is the phone which I recently brought it for my friend (Refered by my Brother who is just expert in this matter). It looks very cool…

The following are the features which impressed me to buy it:
Stay connected to the people who matter – access your favorite contacts with one touch, directly from the home screen.
Enjoy entertainment on the move – stream videos, try new games and browse the web with a fast Wi-Fi connection.
Find the best route and get to your destination on time with Ovi Maps.
Video sharing and playback
5 megapixel camera
Symbian OS S60 5th Edition
Music playback: 35 hours (19.5 hours with Bluetooth headset)
Video playback: 7.5 hours (MPEG-4/nHD)

But don’t ask me how the performance is… I have not yet received the feedback for the same….  :) :) :)
I just love the phone.. May be even because it brought smile to a very special person in my life....

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Engeyum Kadhal

Next directorial venture from Prabhu Deva... The story line is very simple.... The screenplay was good.. But i think the director has chosen the wrong heroine.... She couldn do justice to the role.. Jayam Ravi was good... And the climax.. Oh my god... The director could have thought something else man......... I would have been happy if he have taken us to the airport.. At this time frame, How could he even think of such a climax.. that too in a foreign country....... The one thing that is worth watching the movie is the Songs........ Wow....... Damn good ma............ The location and the costumes were awsome........ If you guyssss want to enjoy the songsssss you can watch in the theatre............ Or else :) :)

Saturday, 30 April 2011


I dont find anything new in the story line.. But the screenplay is too good that you dont feel bored. Jeeva and  Ajmal has done well and Piaa was extraordinary. I just loved her performance in the movie.... I didnt like the heroine... I dont know why K V. Anand chose her... Let us wait for her next movie.... It is a good entertainer and worth watching it in the theatre... 

Monday, 25 April 2011



May be an old movie but i watched it recently and i like the concept very much.. It was different and we have no answers for the question from the Hero... The movie makes us think.. And especially about love.. Even i get a doubt is there no Life long love. Ram charan was just apt to the role.... And you dont have to ask about Genelia... Its her cup of tea.... The screenplay was very good and the movie was very colourful... Good Movie.. Worth watching it in theatre... I just love the concept.. I felt it was very new...

Monday, 18 April 2011

Coorg.. The best hill station which i visited

Coorg: What to write about the journey... It was just a sudden plan to go to Bangalore.... It was my frnds plan.. And I went there not ever realising that Coorg is 3000 ft above sea level...  Landed up in coorg at around 4.30 in the morning.. I could not see what is before me... It was that snowy..... We covered coorg in just 2 daysss.. If i get another chance I would just love to go and stay there... I just loved the talacauvery... We just climbed some 400 or 500 steps.. Wow.... I just want to stay there.. I have no words to describe what it was... I just felt i wan in the edge of the world... I could not see anything there except fog...... And River rafting in Dubare.. It was fun.. Not that thrilling.. But for the first time it was fun.. And swimming for a while in cauvery... COORG.. I JUST LOVE IT...

Unstoppable - In Kashmir

Hope you guysss would have watched Unstoppable.. And this is not fun... It happened in Kashmir..  A train from Qazigund in the Kashmir Valley plied for over 20 kilometres without a driver.... After traversing a distance of 20 kms, the train came to a halt due to a steep gradient near Anantnag station.... .Crazy isnt it :).. It was nice watching in movies not in reality...

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ko - Much Awaited Movie....

Frndss........ Its boring without any moviessss............ And we are waiting for some good movies to get released.. And the much expected movie is Ko.. KV Anand's Movie... His earlier venture Kana Kandaen and Ayan was good... And we have expected a certain class of movie from him... I was little disappointed as it has to be Simbu s movie which turned to be Jeeva s... Any way let us wait and watch.. We hear that its a story of a Journalist...We have seen many movies in this theme... But guess K V Anand portrays something new... Expected to release on April 15th or 22nd... Just waiting to watch it...


F.A.L.T.U - Nothing new in the story line.... Its all about our Education System.. The film is about Students who is not interested in Studying.... Students who hate books.... Parent and Society call them F.A.L.T.U... But they prove them wrong.. They prove books is not the only source of education.... The screenplay is good.... I have no words to describe about the dance in the last 10 minutes... It was greatttt.... It can be watched once... In DVD or Theatre is up to you...............

Its IPL :) :) :)

We had a wonderful Worldcup Finals :) and The Cup is ourssss... It has been a week but still the memories are not fading out.. Its stilll as if the mathc has happened today... And it will remain the same for many yearsssss...... Cheers to India... Cheers to Dhoni... He s the real Captain Cool...

And now Its IPL SEASON............... With the addition of 2 more teams...... Wat a way to go for CSK with a win in the opening Match.. Its again Dhoni.... And we start the season with a win... Hope we get the cup this time too...

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

India Meets Pakistan in Semi – Final..

Frndsss do you think that it wil be a semifinal... I don’t think so.. Hey.. It’s the final man…
Dhoni says its just another match. But I cant take it as just a match…. Just waiting for it… Expecting a terrific performance from our Guysss… And Just waiting to see Afridi and Yuvi, Who are the key players now…  Its really going to be exciting  to see what s going to happen?. Its just going to be a roller coaster ride.. Common Frndsss.. Let us just Enjoy and Just try to watch it as Just another game of cricket.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Vinnaithandi Varuvaiya

Vinnaithandi Varuvaiya - The movie which affected me so much... I dont know what affected me so much in this movie... hero, heroine, dialogue, director, screenplay or cinematography.... Or just everything....  Its just a perfect film, where you cant find even a minor flaw.... Simbu, I never know that he can act so well.. His expressions were really classic.. Scene at Central park makes us feel the pain of love.. Trisha was apt to this character and the chemistry between the pair was awesome...... Songssssssssss...Amazinggggg.......... just steal our hearts.... Many people think that Jessi's character is not clear... But I feel, the director has portrayed it so well....


Friend - Is a person who love you without any reason. Its strange that someone whom you does not know, who is not related, Just love you so much.... One person who forgives your mistake before you apologise. Just forget the pain you gave and just remember the love you have. Friend is a person who you always take it for granted. Person who just take care of yourself much better than you... The person who knows about you much more than yourself... Friend  the person from whom you can feel what Love is...