Saturday, 29 October 2011

7 Aum Arivu

Excellent Movie with a dragging Screenplay.. Salute to Murgadoss... Great... Very Good Storyline..  Johnny Tri Nguyen, A very apt choice... Suriya, Johnny and Shruthi has done a good job.. Shruthi, Pls learn tamil and then dub for your movies.. Being the first movie, We cannot complaint much.. In the very first scence where  johnny hypnotize the police man, we can understand how powerful he is.. Its being repeated hell lot of time.. Which is just irritating.. Johnny using hypnotism just to kill surya for more than 10 minutes that too in the highway is unbelivable.. If it was avoided, Movie would have been much better.. Why we always try to commercialise the movie.. Your movie has stuff.. You dont have to add anything to commercialise it...