Wednesday, 30 March 2011

India Meets Pakistan in Semi – Final..

Frndsss do you think that it wil be a semifinal... I don’t think so.. Hey.. It’s the final man…
Dhoni says its just another match. But I cant take it as just a match…. Just waiting for it… Expecting a terrific performance from our Guysss… And Just waiting to see Afridi and Yuvi, Who are the key players now…  Its really going to be exciting  to see what s going to happen?. Its just going to be a roller coaster ride.. Common Frndsss.. Let us just Enjoy and Just try to watch it as Just another game of cricket.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Vinnaithandi Varuvaiya

Vinnaithandi Varuvaiya - The movie which affected me so much... I dont know what affected me so much in this movie... hero, heroine, dialogue, director, screenplay or cinematography.... Or just everything....  Its just a perfect film, where you cant find even a minor flaw.... Simbu, I never know that he can act so well.. His expressions were really classic.. Scene at Central park makes us feel the pain of love.. Trisha was apt to this character and the chemistry between the pair was awesome...... Songssssssssss...Amazinggggg.......... just steal our hearts.... Many people think that Jessi's character is not clear... But I feel, the director has portrayed it so well....


Friend - Is a person who love you without any reason. Its strange that someone whom you does not know, who is not related, Just love you so much.... One person who forgives your mistake before you apologise. Just forget the pain you gave and just remember the love you have. Friend is a person who you always take it for granted. Person who just take care of yourself much better than you... The person who knows about you much more than yourself... Friend  the person from whom you can feel what Love is...